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Digital History Independent Study: Prostitution in Policy and Print

For our independent study in digital history, I compared the amount of California state statutes concerning prostitution from 1850-1875 to the amount of articles printed in the Daily Alta California that mentioned the term “prostitute.” I wanted to see if there was any correlation between the amount of laws passed concerning prostitution and the amount […]

Final Project Portfolio: JChristel

Exploring the Effects of Immigration Legislation on Immigration Patterns of the East and West Coasts

The data used behind this project is census data that Dr. Kane provided from IPUMS, the “Integrated Public Use Microdata Series,” for both Albany County, New York and Sacramento County, California from 1850-1900. The visuals I created demonstrate a change in demographics over time in these two capital counties in the United States. Another data […]

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Outcomes for Those Admitted to the Philadelphia Almshouse 1796-1803

This dataset represents admissions and discharges to and from the Philadelphia Almshouse from 1796-1803. This data is informative and contains a wealth of information. More a microcosm of the tie between personal status and economic/life opportunities, this data has a story to tell about the people of Philadelphia in Early America and how certain outcomes […]

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Final Project

An Analysis of Women’s Employment in 1930 and 1931 Data Set: 1930/31 Time Diary from College Educated Women in the United States The Data Set The 1930/31 Time Diary from College Educated Women in the United States is the second phase of a research project on white, female homemakers conducted by the United States Department […]

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Final Project!

Here it is! “Webs of Indebtedness:” Visualizing the Tangled Network of Credit & Debt in 18th-Century Dutchess County, NY

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Final Submission

(Some of these maps appear to take a while to load, but they do load normally. I hope all of you enjoy the visuals, and can gain something from the research I conducted. The final argument was not as tight as I would have hoped, but I believe that I have found some very interesting […]

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Final Project Submission

Old Opinions, New Glory: An Investigation of Rank and Battlefield Mortality among All-Black Units during the American Civil War *The companion set of all visualizations can be found here. I. INTRODUCTION On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the now famed Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all those held in bondage in states in rebellion. […]

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Final Project: Reconstructing the War Department

I’ve hosted my project on Observable! Here is the link: I don’t think there should be any problems with the Observable and Tableau embeds, and the largest network is at the bottom, so it shouldn’t pose an issue to the ones above. I hope you enjoy!

Final Project Portfolio: Katie Tote

Brew-nited States of America

Brew-nited States of America A Brief History of Craft Beer in the United States of America “Craft beer” is, at this point, ubiquitous – you’ll find it not just at trendy gastropubs but in the aisles of your local grocery store. In a world where IPAs and sours are a standard offering, the not-so-distant past […]

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Final Project: Haunted Places in America

The United States is full of haunted places ranging from large cities to small towns. These haunted locations range from schools to restaurants to cemeteries and gravesites. Some states come across as more haunted than others, but is this the case? Does a higher state population mean more observed hauntings? Are there places that are […]