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3: Thinking with Data

Welcome to programming!

We’ve done a bit of coding with our Basic HTML and CSS assignment–now we’re going to do programming! Programming means writing a stand alone program to do a task. HTML and CSS use code that is run by a separate program to display a webpage, but this week we’re going to start learning how to write stand alone programs ourselves.

This week we’ll:

  • Learn some programming basics
  • Learn some basics of reading data visualizations

Module Outline

Wednesday Agenda

During our Wednesday meeting we will troubleshoot the Intro to Observable and Intro to Colabs assignment.


  1. Connect your Github account to ObservableHQ (use the “continue with Github” option when signing in the first time)
  2. Do the Intro to Observable assignment (reply in the Observable thread here with a link to your Observable notebook)
  3. Do the Intro to Colabs assignment (reply in the Colabs thread here with a link to your Colabs notebook)
  4. Read all the posted material and respond to the discussion starter in the #module3 channel on Slack
  5. Do the Intro to Dataviz assignment



An overview of what measuring and representing data means:


Discussion Starter

After reading all the materials and watching the discussion starter video, respond on the #module3 Slack channel using the 3CQ method we used last week: compliment, comment, connection, question. As usual, I don’t require a set number of responses to classmates, but you will get more out of this class the more you put into it.

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This is the Observable thread! Post the link to your Observable assignment here. Make sure to make a pretty link like we learned in the HTML assignment: < a href="" >link text except without the spaces!

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