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10: Work

Final project time!

This week is your time to work on your final project. I will post some suggested tasks for you in each module, but your time is yours to work on your final project.

This week I suggest:

  • Making a first draft of all the visualizations you’re thinking about. This will identify early where there are problems or where you need further refinement or research.
  • If working with network data, run your analysis and write a first draft of your networks code.
  • Wireframe your Tableau dashboard, Observable notebook, or post with embeds. This means writing a draft — on physical paper if necessary — with placeholder images, visualizations, embeds, or blocks of text describing what will go where so that you have a sense of what further work you need to do.
  • If you’re planning to use Tableau in your project, review videos 15, 16, 17, 18, and 21 here (about interactivity, formatting, and using dashboards and stories) to get an idea of your options.


For your post this week, please make a new post by Friday April 16 with:

  1. A first draft of any visualizations you’ve started by embedding them in your post. In the text, briefly (2-3 sentences) describe what you’re comparing or looking for in each. These should be embedded as interactive visualizations, not static images, so that I can help point out and troubleshoot any issues early.
  2. If you’re working with network data, post a link to your Observable and Colabs notebooks so that I can look over your code.
  3. Sketch out — on physical paper if that’s easiest — your ambitions for what your final project will look like. If you plan to write an essay with embedded visualizations, sketch out the layout of the essay down to intro, conclusion, sections, and where in the text each visualization will go. If you plan to create a Tableau dashboard or story, sketch out what pieces you need or what sequence your story will be in. Post this sketch as an image in your post and briefly describe what your plans are for the final project. Upload the image using an image block on your WordPress post.
  4. Publish your post using your Portfolio: Your Name category!

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