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11: Work

Final project time!

This week is your time to work on your final project. I will post some suggested tasks for you in each module, but your time is yours to work on your final project.

This week I suggest:

  • Finalize the visualizations you’ll include in your final project
  • Review chapters 17-25 of Fundamentals of Data Visualization on information design
  • Refine the formatting and labelling across all visualizations to make your analysis clear. Remember that formatting, color palette, and “feel” should be standard. Write yourself a color/font/formatting style guide. A style guide is used in both text editing and web design to ensure that a consistent design and look is used throughout a project; it’s a handy reference so you know how everything should be formatted.
  • If you’re interested in adding a custom color palette to Tableau, see this guide or the video below. For choosing a color palette, I like Viz Palette, Color Brewer, and the Data Viz Color Picker. Note that only the first two have options to check for color blindness accessibility.
  • Draft the argument and analysis text portions of your final project. This doesn’t need to be in essay format, so think creatively about the example projects we’ve seen. Remember that your text should be argument focused and explain why, not merely descriptive of your data or method.

Wednesday Agenda

During our Wednesday meeting this week, we’ll troubleshoot any issues with the final project.


Your post this week should:

  1. Discuss any roadblocks or difficulties you’ve encountered
  2. Describe the choices you’ve made to focus your visualizations.
  3. Decide on a look and feel for your project. Write out your project’s style guide using the template below.
  4. Discuss your remaining to-do items for your project
  5. Publish using your Portfolio: Your Name category

Style Guide Template

In Tableau, Format > Workbook will apply a format to all sheets.

Main font, including color code:

Other fonts (list all), including color code:

Any changes to grid lines, axis rules, axis ticks, etc:

Color palettes, including custom color palettes:

Background color/s:

Visualization sizes (device size in Tableau, height/width in Observable):

Navigation style:

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