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Outcomes for Those Admitted to the Philadelphia Almshouse 1796-1803

This dataset represents admissions and discharges to and from the Philadelphia Almshouse from 1796-1803. This data is informative and contains a wealth of information. More a microcosm of the tie between personal status and economic/life opportunities, this data has a story to tell about the people of Philadelphia in Early America and how certain outcomes […]

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Her Hat Was In The Ring: Final Project

Aimee Ciarimboli, Ashlyn McGrath AHIS 596 DH Final Project: Her Hat Was In the Ring: US Women Who Ran For Office Before 1920,  The twentieth century saw major developments in every area of life throughout many different areas of the world. For American women, the early twentieth century provided opportunities for advancement regarding labor, politics, […]

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Module 11: Work

Sorry for the delay on this post. Had some technical issues to overcome. I have completed my visuals, and now they are ready to be used for a presentation. They are geographical maps that each carry out the task of identifying how many historical sites are in each U.S. state, and each U.S. county. Some […]