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(Some of these maps appear to take a while to load, but they do load normally. I hope all of you enjoy the visuals, and can gain something from the research I conducted. The final argument was not as tight as I would have hoped, but I believe that I have found some very interesting […]

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Module 11: Work

Sorry for the delay on this post. Had some technical issues to overcome. I have completed my visuals, and now they are ready to be used for a presentation. They are geographical maps that each carry out the task of identifying how many historical sites are in each U.S. state, and each U.S. county. Some […]

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Module 9: Work

National Register of Historic Places. (“Everything” spreadsheet) First off, I apologize for getting this post out so late. The dataset that I will be working on is the National Register of Historic Places. The data critique comes courtesy of our cohort Aimee Ciarimboli: As the title suggests this data sheet revolves around historic sites placed […]

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Module 6 Post

The data set that I am looking into is the data hosted by the National Register of Historic Places and Historic Albany Foundation. I am currently taking a course that focuses on the preservation of historical sites. I find the work that goes behind registering, rebuilding, and preserving historical buildings very compelling, and I feel […]

Module 5 Assignment Tableau

Module 5 Assignment

I enjoyed working with Tableau substantially. I liked how intuitive the drag and drop mechanics were, and I also liked all the different faculties that I could use to customize my charts. Tableau is a beginner-friendly software which is capable of creating various visuals that effectively convey non visual data.

Module 4 Assignment Getting Data

Module 4 Assignment (API Request) (Webscraping) (Geocoding) (Gender Inference) This assignment was indeed the most difficult assignment I have done in this course so far. It reminded me of my old college sophomore days when I was struggling to code with C. Like I mentioned the week prior, I much prefer to use Observable […]