Module 4 Assignment Getting Data

Module 4 Assignment (API Request) (Webscraping) (Geocoding) (Gender Inference)

This assignment was indeed the most difficult assignment I have done in this course so far. It reminded me of my old college sophomore days when I was struggling to code with C. Like I mentioned the week prior, I much prefer to use Observable as opposed to Colabs. Now that I have gotten much more acquainted with Colabs, I am even more firmly entrenched in that viewpoint. Colabs is clunky in my opinion. For instance, part of the Webscraping assignment required that I fetch the record for the Getting the Data subsection. I kept receiving the message saying that the record was not defined and I could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong. Using “def” functions only gave me an “indent block expected” error message. I had a similar issue regarding the “inuptfile” portion of the Geocoding assignment. In the future, I would like to investigate the “Search Stack Overflow” feature in Colabs. I feel like that feature could provide some more insight into specific issues that come up while coding with Python.

One data archive that I think that I would like to apply to future assignments is the found on the National Archives, ( Specifically, I wanted to focus on the collections revolving around World War 1. This aspect of the National Archives contain many collections revolving around the war including sources from the battlefield, medical records, scientific innovations that took place during the war, and some of the demographics of the U.S. military at the time.

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