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7: Networks

Life is full of connections!

Networks are a particular kind of data that look deceptively simple. Human lives are full of relationships with others, and communities and identities are often defined through relationships between people. But how do we understand these connections historically, and how do we analyze them?

In this module, we will:

  • Think about what a network is and how we find network data
  • Think about what networks can and can’t tell us
  • Work with the basics of analyzing and visualizing network data






  1. Read and watch all the assigned material
  2. Respond to the discussion starter video in the #module7 channel on Slack
  3. OPTIONAL: Do the Networks Colab assignment
  4. OPTIONAL: Do the Networks Observable assignment

I’ve made this week’s assignments optional because they’re pretty intense and a bit to get your mind around. I recommend looking at the intro sections of both assignments even if you end up not doing them. If you’re interested in networks after doing the reading or you’re thinking about doing networks in your final project, the optional assignments are a good way to dig into the details of network analysis.

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