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Module 9: Work

National Register of Historic Places. (“Everything” spreadsheet)

First off, I apologize for getting this post out so late. The dataset that I will be working on is the National Register of Historic Places. The data critique comes courtesy of our cohort Aimee Ciarimboli:

As the title suggests this data sheet revolves around historic sites placed on the National Register. Each site is identified by their: site name, street address, city/town/village, state, and year that they were included on the Register. Being that there are literally thousands of entries on this dataset, some inconsistencies are bound to occur. There are several instances where there are incomplete entries. One can utilize OpenRefine to pair-down all of the entries with Null/Void variables and fix them gradually. But personally, I found that ushering the dataset to Tableau makes removing void information easier thanks to the Exclusion function.

So far, I have produced various visuals through Tableau. Right now, they are skeleton templates that serve to provide basic ideas of what my visuals look like. As of now, some of them are quite hideous due to the fact that they include all of the entries without any exclusions or groupings. These tables are supposed to represent what a visual of these entries would look like without any work done on them.