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Her Hat Was In The Ring: Final Project

Aimee Ciarimboli, Ashlyn McGrath AHIS 596 DH Final Project: Her Hat Was In the Ring: US Women Who Ran For Office Before 1920,  The twentieth century saw major developments in every area of life throughout many different areas of the world. For American women, the early twentieth century provided opportunities for advancement regarding labor, politics, […]

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Module 6: Breather

For my final project, I am debating between two datasets. The first one that sparked my interest was “Her Hat Was In the Ring: US Women Who Ran For Office Before 1920”. I’m interested in this mostly because of my interest in gender history. Usually, I study European gender history, but I’d be interested in […]

Module 5 Assignment Tableau

Module 5 Assignment: Tableau

My stacked bar graph visualizes the occupations of Albany residents, as well as their race. I went with this type of graph because I thought it was very interesting that the majority of the black population held jobs in labor or domestic work, with very little attending school or holding public service jobs. I played […]

Module 4 Assignment Getting Data

Module 4: Getting Data

This week’s assignments definitely required a lot of focus and patience. Similarly to my classmates, I found myself making small errors such as writing “cvs” instead of “csv” or putting [] when it should’ve been (). I also struggled with the indentation, and this was the most constant error I got. I eventually figured it […]