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Cleaned Data

It wont let me embed the google spreadsheet but I was able to link it, this should work. This is my cleaned up data for the final project.

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Depending on what you’re planning on doing with this, you will probably need to do more cleaning of your date columns. If you’re still planning at looking at the length of stay, you’ll need to clean up your Date, Arrived at School, Remarks, For What Period, and Date of Leaving columns so that the dates are all in the same format (ie, Sep and Sept need to be the same, 9/20/1899 and Sept 20 1899 need to be the same, 5 yrs and 5 years, etc). You may also want to make new columns with Day, Month, and Year separated into separate columns for each of those (give them unique names like Day Arrived, Month Arrived, Year Arrived; Day Left, Month Left, Year Left, etc etc).

If you’ve already set up your Tableau workbook, as long as your new cleaned file is put into the same location (get rid of the old one) and named the *exact* same thing, you can go into Tableau and right click the name of your data file to refresh it–this will bring the new columns in.

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