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Final Project

It goes by many names. Grassman, Momo, the Beast of Whitehall, the Boggy Creek Monster, Skunk Ape, Wood Ape, and Sasquatch, just to name a few. Yet, none of these names are as recognizable, and few are worthy of more derision, than Bigfoot. While it may seem… shall we say… far-fetched, that a seven foot […]

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Week 10: Update to the Update

Intro: Little bit about the Bigfoot phenomenon, into to the project Little blurb about how this allows us to narrow the search. Little blurb about what other variables could be used to find bigfoot. These Drafts of seasonal variables This bar graph shows the raw peak months for reported sightings. Below I add states, while […]

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Module Six: Final Project Ideas

I am currently deciding between three datasets for the final project. Two of these are from amongst the selection provided to us already. These are the “Haunted Places in America” dataset and the “Account of Losses Sustained by the Oneidas & Tuscaroras…” dataset. I am interested in exploring the Haunted Places in America data because […]