Module 3 Assignment Thinking With Data

Module 3 intro to colab/observable

It’s like learning an entirely new language despite the fact that it was all in English (I think at least.) I did like being able to see results each time I made a change. When I was working in Atom, there were extra steps to see the effects of the changes I thought I was changing. Observable was somewhat easier than colab because I didn’t have to push play every time. I also really liked the appendix at the end of observable. It made it easier to track my changes and keep it organized. The python functions were more complicated, but the the language was plain, despite being very precise which made it simpler to follow.

Here is the colab!

Here is observable!

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😀 both assignments look good. And ha, yes, the language can be tricky because every day words sometimes have very specific meanings in both python and javascript. That makes python especially fairly friendly as a first programming language, but can get tricky if you’re expecting something to mean one thing and it does another.

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