Module 3 Assignment Thinking With Data

Module 3: Intro to Colab and Observable

I feel like such a noob to coding when I try to read the directions, then have to reread the directions, and then perform the functions; but I got through it! (I think). I like how in Observable I don’t have to press play every time I want to perform a function, unlike Colab. How we write code in Observable was much easier to get down than in Colab, which I appreciated. It was hard for me to understand the python functions and then try to perform them on my own. There was a lot of trial and error with writing python on Colab but I kept reading the error messages and then tried to fix my mistakes from there. It went much smoother after I looked at the error messages instead of trying the same thing over and over.

Here is my Observable link

Here is my Colab link

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Both assignments look great! And everyone’s a noob sometime, it’s how you work through things that matters. 90% of any project is trial and error and reading error messages, it’s just that as historians we’re used to our trial and error being in chapter drafts and our error messages as reviewer comments.

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