Assignment Module 3 Assignment Thinking With Data

Intro to Colabs and Observable

Initially, I was most worried about Python, but I think both assignments turned out okay!

I think my biggest difficulty when it comes to programming has always been trying to convince my brain to see and understand how the language itself works. Something about it- maybe because it requires users to be super specific in their formatting or else it doesn’t work, or maybe because I see so many named variables that aren’t the typical ‘x’ or ‘y’ and whatnot- doesn’t always come naturally, and it’s frustrating! That’s why at the end of the Python assignment (after everything had been going so well!), when the loop needed to print the dataset was simply, “for item in data,” it took me longer to figure it out because I didn’t understand initially how it could be so plain. But that was something about the assignments that I also enjoyed! The satisfaction of getting it to print (after squinting at the instructions above it and thinking, “No… maybe?”) made it all worth it.

Intro to Colabs

The Observable Assignment

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For some reason I can’t leave a comment on your colabs assignment, but something to watch out for in module 4: In this cell, you’ve got no quotes around your url. This will cause you problems in a couple assignments in module 4, so keep an eye on this! Observable looks good though.

And I think I mentioned this on the zoom call last week while you were there, but yes, sometimes it really is that simple and we trip ourselves up by trying to make it over complicated. In general, my rule of thumb is that if it feels over complicated or like you can’t explain in simple terms what your steps are, it’s probably more complicated than it needs to be. That will be very true in module 4!

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