Module 3 Assignment Thinking With Data

Intro to Observable/Colab

This assignment gave me mixed feelings– I did the Intro to Observable first, it went so well. I did it in less than fifteen minutes, which is by far the shortest amount of time anything in this class has taken me, and I was feeling really good about that. Then came the Intro to Colab, this assignment tried my patience, my friendships, and ultimately sent me begging upper-level management for help.

While I finished these assignments in the beginning of the week, I did not post them until now because I needed time to think about what I enjoyed about them because I didn’t have anything nice to say two days ago. However, I am very thankful to have survived another week, to be in this course, and of course for the opportunity to learn something new (which of course is every week this semester).

Anyways, here is my Intro to Observable assignment and my Intro to Colab!

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Remember that it’s about the process, not the product. Some people click with certain languages or parts of projects more than others; we aren’t, for example, learning SPSS because I have a hard time working in it 😉

A small typo that might trip you up on the assignments in module 4: in this cell, you’ve got

data = csv.reader(request.get('').text.split('\n')

which is missing a final parentheses and an s on requests like this:

data = csv.reader(requests.get('').text.split('\n'))

Not an irreparable error, but the kind of thing that may make life difficult in module 4 🙂

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