Module 8 Assignment Maps

8: Maps!

I chose to complete 1A: Georectification for ArcGIS. I chose the StoryMap publishing method. The example StoryMap I was most inspired by was the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade one, so I tried to mimic the design as best I could. I really like the slideshow-like layout here, especially the side-car format. The transition is so smooth and I think the short little text boxes to the side are a great way of keeping the focus on the map itself. It took me some time to figure out how to add a slider, but I’m glad I incorporated that because I think it’s a neat way to interact with a StoryMap. I’m realizing now I should’ve made the basemaps the same for both maps, but the only issue I have with that is it cannot be edited directly in the StoryMap – you have to go back into ArcGIS Online to edit each individual map you add. I’ve found that the only limitation to this method is the tediousness.

Albany, NY in 1895

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That looks great! And yes, I find StoryMaps tedious for that reason as well. For a long-term, large scale project, it’s good practice to keep a “style guide” document somewhere handy (I use a google doc for this because it’s easily searchable) where you list all the color values, basemap names, and whatever else you need to use in multiple parts of the project.

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