Module 3 Assignment Thinking With Data

Module 3 Assignment

I had an easier time working through the Observable assignment than the Colab assignment. Python seemed to have a lot more variables to get lost in than Javascript and I had a hard time keeping track of where exactly I was supposed to be looking and editing. I also preferred Observable automatically implementing any changes, as opposed to Colab requiring you to run each cell. However, I am wondering if Colab’s method would be easier for larger projects so you could closely monitor changes? Overall, like with the HTML assignment and the data cleaning, I do enjoy doing detail oriented assignments. I understand the terms when they are explained, I just need to get the hang of finding them once I am looking at the code itself.

Observable assignment here and Colab assignment here.

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That’s actually exactly the point of the play buttons in Colabs! 😀 Observable is meant for projects where you’re creating immediately-interactable visual elements, while Colabs is for things where you might be doing a process that takes a long time to run, so you don’t want it to start before you’re ready. You’ll see this more with module 4.

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