Module 3 Assignment Thinking With Data

My Take on Module 3

I enjoyed Observable more than Colab. I found JavaScript a little easier because it seemed like there were less parentheses than Python, which is something I really struggled with when learning R. The difficulty I ran into with Observable was first figuring out the difference between numbers and strings, as I was really thrown off by the first 6 in the array written as 6 with the second 6 written as “6”. I figured it out after some trial and error by running the function a few times in different ways. Colab took me a bit longer, but the only thing I really struggled with was the file attachment. I wasn’t sure if print(data) could be a function by itself or if I had to specify items in the array first. However, I do like the play button in Colab more because I think it makes it fun. The run carrot in Observable is boring.


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Assignments look good! I have a love/hate relationship with that play button since I sometimes forget to hit it and then wonder why my stuff doesn’t work, ha.

If you’re more comfortable in R, you should feel free to use that once we get to final project work. I don’t work in it because I find it annoying, so I won’t be able to help troubleshoot much, but if you feel confident accomplishing what you set out to do you can work in whatever language you’re most comfortable in.

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