Module 4 Assignment Getting Data

Week 4:

I would love to understand this, but I don’t. I really went in open minded, but I can solely upload files. Python and I are not friends, we do not speak the same language. I think the gender inference has the potential to be very useful in my own research, it would be nice to have a computer assume gender rather than myself so 1) I can blame the computer if the gender is assume incorrectly, and 2) I would not have to hand assume how each person identifies (of course this is a less common issue dealing with Early America).

While I am not sure if I can and how I would get data, I think I would be interested in looking at the Dutch records at the New York State Archive. Although this is not what I originally was hoping to find, I think there are many interesting documents that I have yet to come across in my research that may be interesting to explore. I was hoping to find an interesting Indigenous archive, but most that I came across contained information from later periods. Additionally, I struggle with the morality, of who is controlling what data and how/why it is accessed, of course I have good intentions but that does not mean that all do.

Here is the API Requests! Here is Webscraping! Geocoding! Gender Inference!

Me beginning, during, and thinking about how we have to do this all again next week:

Me now, knowing I tried but everything is still probably wrong:

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NYSA annoyingly has very little even cataloged online, so they don’t even have scanned images available online for most of their items. They’ve been saying for ten years that they’re working on it, but I’m not holding my breath on it.

For not understanding it, your assignments look good! And remember, this week is the last week that you have to work in Python, so you don’t have to touch it again if you don’t want to.

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