First day of class

Today is the first day of class!  If you haven’t already done so, you should start working through the Module 0 page today, where you will find a roadmap of expectations for the semester, your first assignments, and the pandora playlists I would be inflicting upon you if this were a face to face class.  This afternoon 2-3PM I will be holding office hours on Zoom if you run into difficulties with anything or just want to drop by and say hello.  My usual office hours this semester will be 2-3PM Monday and 1030-1230 Friday, but I can also do appointments if those times don’t work for you.

If you’ve joined the class since my previous email on January 18, you can find it here.  In the future, I’ll be posting all emails (including this one) to the course site in the email category so we can all easily find them if necessary.

With the exception of Module 8: Maps, the entire course is now up and finished, including all videos.  I’ve included suggested deadlines for each module’s work, but with the exception of Module 1’s discussion starter video, I am extremely flexible about deadlines for this class.  As you work through each module, think about what kind of work and data you enjoy.  You can see the requirements for the final project here and you should start thinking early about what kind of project you’d like to do.  I am also open to group final projects if anyone is interested in working together.  You will need to propose your final project and have it approved by me in Module 5, but I’m happy to talk through options with you before that if you’re not sure what you’d like to do.

On Wednesday February 3, we’ll have our first Zoom call from 3-550PM.  Attendance at our Zoom meetings is always optional, and I anticipate we will rarely if ever use the whole 3 hour block. 

This Zoom link will not be posted to the course site for security reasons, so please save this email.  During our first Zoom meeting, we’ll do a short activity about what it means to think about data as a humanist, and troubleshoot any issues with the first assignment (so get a start on the HTML/CSS assignment on Monday or Tuesday so that you can have your questions answered on Wednesday!)  We will not be doing reading discussion via Zoom; all reading discussion will be on Slack in the channel specified on each module page.

The assignments for Module 1 discussion groups are available [in the email sent Feb 1].  In the second week of class/Module 1, beginning Monday Feb 8, you have no assigned reading for that module.  Instead, you will read a future week’s readings according to your discussion group.  During the week of Feb 8, you should coordinate with your discussion group to record a discussion of your group’s assigned reading, and post or otherwise share it with me by midnight Saturday Feb 13.  (More details and a template for your discussion are available on the module 1 page, including options for if one or more group members want the video posted privately).