Module 4 Assignment Getting Data

Module 4: Getting Data

This week’s assignments definitely required a lot of focus and patience. Similarly to my classmates, I found myself making small errors such as writing “cvs” instead of “csv” or putting [] when it should’ve been (). I also struggled with the indentation, and this was the most constant error I got. I eventually figured it out, but those indentation definitely took some time. This became frustrating at times, and I didn’t always immediately see the problem. However, I found the Gender Inference assignment to be the most challenging out of the four, cause it forced me to really look at what my functions were actually doing, instead of just mindlessly typing and hoping its right. Ironically, I also think the Gender Inference can also help me in my own research, as I primarily study gender. While I haven’t found a solid data set from the medieval period quite yet, I am positive that I can continue to utilize my basic understanding of what I did in these assignments. Furthermore, I found that holds some interesting data about British women and covers a wide range of time, beginning in the 17th century and continuing to present day.

Anyways, here are my assignments!

API requests, Webscrapping, Geocoding, Gender Inference

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Remember to use pretty links and give view access to your notebooks! When making a post, making a pretty link is just highlighting the text you want to link and then putting the link into the popup box. I sent you an access request for the notebooks, but the share button in the upper right will automatically make an accessible link.

Do we have access to that British and Irish letters database through the university? I wasn’t able to pull that up via the library and it looks like there’s only ~200ish available without a library subscription.

Links should be fixed!! Sorry about that. Also, I double checked and we do have University access. I’m going to play around with it a little bit more though, so we’ll see if it’s something I can use 🙂

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