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  7. US population by state, 2010 [Download]
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Baptism and correspondence networks

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  5. Society of Historians of the Early American Republic conference panels, 2009-2019 [Download] (There’s no about for this; it’s just a list of who was on each panel for ten years of the conference that I scraped out of the programs)

Wealth and poverty

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Crime and prisons

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Enslaved and free Black history

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Indigenous economic data

If you read my book manuscript in seminar last year, this is some of my research data for that project!

  1. Evert Wendell, Account Book. [Download] (NB: there is no external ‘about’ for this data, but a published version with a scholarly introduction is available as To Do Justice to Him and Myself)
  2. Sir William Johnson, Warrants. Thomas Gage Papers. Clements Library, University of Michigan. [Download]
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Historic registers and markers

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  3. Albany County National Historic Places Register [Download] (There is no external about for this data)

Weird stuff

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Tricky Data

Students in past versions of this class have struggled with the datasets below because they’re not very meaty. There’s some interesting stuff here that could make for a creative project, but look at these with caution and know that they might need to be extended with further research.

  1. John Hammond, “Revivals in New York and Ohio, 1825-1835.” [Download NY extract]
  2. Benjamin Franklin, “Post Office Book, 1748-1752.” American Philosophical Society. [Download]
  3. Wendy Lucas and Noel Campbell, “George Washington’s Shipping Invoices from London Factors 1754-1772.” [Download textiles extract data] [Download key]
  4. “African Names, African Origins: Transatlantic Slave Trade.” [Download]
  5. “England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550.” [Download]
  6. “University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology – Online Collections – Data.” [Download early modern extract]
  7. Norse World, [Download]

Spatial files

The data here should only be used in conjunction with other datasets above. The resources listed below are mainly shapefiles.

  1. New York State Building Footrints, Columbia University Center for International Earth Science Information Network and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
  2. NHGIS Historic County Boundaries (Requires free registration with IPUMS)
  3. MapShaper (Converts shapefiles to GeoJSON and CSV and vice versa)
  4. MapWarper (rectify and georeference a historical map to produce a geotiff)
  5. NYPL MapWarper (Note that as of 2021 the tiles export often does not work for other services)
  6. David Rumsey Map Collection
  7. MapTiler (Upload geotiffs and draw shapefiles over them)
  8. MapBox (upload a geotiff and/or customize a map style for use in Tableau)
  9. Overview of webmapping
  10. UCLA’s click2shp browser utility (Draw simple shapefiles in a broswer window; does not accept rectified historical map overlays)